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UNIVERSAL Multi-Purpose Automotive Grease

Grease for Service and Maintenance

UNIVERSAL Multi-Purpose Automotive Grease

The UNIVERSAL multi-purpose grease is a highly-recommended all-purpose grease for automotives as well as industrial bearings. It has anti-corrosion protection with excellent performance in humid environment and temperatures ranging from -25 to 140˚C.

For more details on its composition and packaging, view page 10 of the manufacturer’s catalog or click here for the safety data sheet.

Best grease for bearing service and maintenance operations



  • Energy efficient

Product Add-on:



UNIVERSAL Multi purpose grease size options





  • Agricultural equipment
  • Automotive water pump
  • Washing machine
  • Handling equipment
  • General mechanical devices
  • Electric motor gearboxes
  • Car wheel bearings
  • Small tools
  • Water treatment
  • Construction machines

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