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Universal Joint

Universal Joints

Universal Joint

Also known as U-joints, universal joint couplings, or Cardan joints, universal joints connect the drive shaft to the gearbox from one side and to the axle from the other side. Found in rear-wheel-drive vehicles, these are engineered to withstand angular misalignment and enable efficient transmission of rotary motion or torque.

Consisting of a cross-shaped spider with needle roller bearings on each side held in place by caps and circlips, universal joints prevent shaft breakage as they adapt to the upward and downward movement of the axle in connection with the gearbox. Click here for the catalog in MCB brand.



  • Made from quality raw materials
  • Durable built-in needle roller bearings
  • Price competitive than Japanese and Korean brands
  • Fast and easy re-lubrication due to a built-in lubrication hole


Product Add-on: Can work better with the use of the right type of lubrication


  • Japanese, European, Korean, Russian, or American cars
  • Trucks
  • Off-road vehicles
  • Agricultural machinery

Available Brands

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