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Sumitomo Eccentric Bearings

Industrial Bearings

Sumitomo Eccentric Bearings

A closer look into Sumitomo eccentric bearings


Found inside a Sumitomo Cyclo Drive, eccentric roller bearings are designed to reduce the speed of the input shaft thereby increasing torque or the rotational “pull” or “push” linear force.

Consisting of two bearings in misaligned position, this bearing type enables equal distribution of load to all power transmitting parts to ensure maximum shock load tolerance, longer service life, and increased machine productivity.

To know which Sumitomo part numbers are fast moving, refer to the list below.


14UZS626 22UZ335T2              616 UZS 4351 YSX
614 2935 YSX                               
15UZ210119T2                       50022221BL1NG
15UZ21059LY                         25UZ459
15UZ21059T2                         61087YRX
15UZ41006T2                         6120608YRX
15UZ41006T2X-EX                 612-1115YSX
15UZ41021T2X-EX                 61243YSX
15UZ41043T2                         614 2125 YSX
15UZ41071T2X                       61406-11YSX
15UZ41087T2X-EX                 61413-17
15UZ609A08-15                      614-13-17 YSX
15UZ824359                            614-2125YSX
15UZ824359LY                        15UZ8235T2
6142125YSXTG                       15UZ8287
616-11-15YRX2                       15UZ8287L1
616-17-25 GSX                        15UZE20917T2
61617-25 YRX2                       15UZE20921T2
6164351YSXTG                       15UZE2092529T2
61659YSX                                15UZE20935T2
617YSX                                    15UZE20959FY
625GXX                                    15UZE20959T2
65UZS418T2                            15UZE20987T2
35UZ2160608T25                    15UZE409119T2
15UZE40906T2                        27UZE71
15UZE4092529T2X-EX            22UZ8343T2
15UZE609A17                          22UZ8359T2
15UZE8129T2                          25UZ8506-11T2
15UZE814359T2                      A27UZE71
15UZE8187T2PX1                   22UZ61221T2X
180UZS627                              22UZ21111
22UZ2111317T2                       22UZ329
22UZ2112529T2                      616 UZS 4351 YSX
50020 UZS 80 T2G                614 2935 YSX
50023026BNR2G (23026BNRC2)
AP0030G – 61035 YSX
AP9067G – 609A21YSX (2rlts)
AX3074G – 619,419 – 619YSX
AX2847G – 607 YSX
AW6858G (625 GXX)
AW6032G (623 GXX)




  • High quality and high performance product made in Japan
  • Low maintenance as no special mounting or dismounting tool is required
  • Easy failure detection


Product Add-on: Can further increase the eccentric bearing’s service life by choosing the right type of grease solution


  • Sumitomo Cyclo Drive, a spare part of Sumitomo gearbox
  • Textile
  • Steelworks
  • Conveyors
  • Food machinery
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Automotive plants
  • Construction equipment
  • Mixers

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