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READY BOOSTER Automatic grease dispenser

Grease for Service and Maintenance

READY BOOSTER Automatic grease dispenser

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Designed with an adjustable selector for 24/7 bearing lubrication from 1-12 months, this low cost single point ready booster automatic lubricator is waterproof, dustproof, explosion proof, and is capable of withstanding corrosive environment that requires optimum levels of sanitation such as in the food industry.

With the pressure caused by inert gas and electrochemical reaction, it can dispense any of the following grease types depending on the application.

  1. LUB UNIVERSAL +  grease (General usage) Click here for the safety data sheet.
  2. LUB HEAVY DUTY + grease (High loads) Click here for the safety data sheet.
  3. LUB HIGH TEMP grease (High temperatures) Click here for the safety data sheet.
  4. LUB VIB grease (Vibrations and shocks) Click here for the safety data sheet.
  5. LUB FOOD grease (Compatible with food contact) Click here for the safety data sheet.

Best tool for industrial bearing service and maintenance operations


  • Disposable cartridges
  • Low maintenance due to easy installation with one day activation
  • Ensures manpower safety, increased bearing lifespan, and machine reliability with 24/7 lubrication
  • Can regulate or stop grease flow due to a built-in adjustable selector

Product Add-on:


125cc grease cartridge



  • Bearings of plain or rolling type
  • Ball screws
  • Chains
  • Open gears
  • Linear guide bars
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Food industry
  • Low-powered electric motors

Available Brands

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