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2/3 Prongs Self-centering Hydraulic Puller

Tools for Service and Maintenance

2/3 Prongs Self-centering Hydraulic Puller

With a built-in hydraulic pump for easy removal of large bearings and press fitted components found in toothed wheels and pulleys, this powerful mechanical dismounting tool has a self-centering device that allows precise attachment and positioning during the extraction process.

Specially designed with a safety valve to prevent overloading, this dismounting equipment has a pump handle capable of rotating 360˚ and a piston extension for difficult to access locations. Its three jaws can be changed to two depending on the accessibility of the bearing while its transparent cover can be used for better visibility and to protect the eyes from flying bearing fragments.


Best tool for industrial bearing service and maintenance operations



  • Fast and easy dismounting of bearing from its outer ring

Product Add-on:


  • Automotive and industrial bearings fitted on a shaft

Available Brands

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