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Fast Therm 20 Industrial Mounting Tool

Tools for Service and Maintenance

Fast Therm 20 Industrial Mounting Tool

Convenient to use on site, this easy to use portable mounting tool can heat bearings and rotating parts weighing up to 40kg with bore diameter above 10mm-280mm. Only 17kg in weight, it is delivered in a strong carrying case with a pair of gloves and three (3) core bars.



  • Heats bearings in 2-3 minutes only
  • Energy efficient and time saver
  • Maintains desired heat until bearings are ready for installation
  • Demagnetizes bearings after heating
  • Various yoke sizes are available to suit bearings’ inner ring sizes

Best tool for industrial bearing service and maintenance operations


Product Add-on:



  • Hot mounting of industrial bearings, pinions, sprockets, pulleys, bushings, shrink rings, gears, etc.

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